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CRAZY Music Tattoos

Here are some crazy and hot music tattoos -


Music Tattoos





"Human after all" - Daft punk inspired tattoo


Daft punk tattoo hman after all

Daft punk tattoos more

Daft Punk tattoos

Deadmau5 ass tattoo - hope its fake

Deadmau5 ass tattoos

More Deadmau5 tattoos WTF lol

Deadmau5 Tattoos

Nice trace style tattoos

Trance Tattoos

Bike riding tattoo..

BIKE tattoos

Neck tattoo JUSTICE

Justice NECK tattoo


Justice Tattoos

More Justice Tattoos

Kraftwerk Tattoos

Kraftwerk Tattoos

Paul Van Dyke Tattoos

Paul Van Dyke Tattoos

The Presets tattoo - This boys in Love

Music Tattoos

This boys in love the presets tattoos

The Prodigy Tattoo -

Prodigy Tattoos

Snoop Dogg Tattoos

Snoop dogg tattoos

Tiesto Tattoos

Tiesto Tattoo


Weird Al Tattoos

Music Tattoos

Weird Al Tatoo

Random Funny - Vitam Water to Books ratio

Vatamin Water

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