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Welcome to Gangsta Tattoos

Here at Gangsta Tattoos we aim to offer you a comprehensive list of tattoos,

We have information on all these tattoos, we have information on all the latest

tattoo news and tattoo pictures are very important when picking that new tattoo

you desire to have.SEO

Also in the near future we will give you updated information on new tattoos ink on the market this ink is revolutionary and will help the tattoo removal process become very easy.

To view the tattoo designs please view on the left.

Below is The Game looking Gangsta in his various Gangsta Tattoos.

August 21st 2010

Crazy Music Tattoos

June 12th 2010 -

World Cup 2010 Tattoos



Gangsta Tattoos

Jamie Foxx is one of the celebrities with the most tattoos, he has

crazy ink all over his body and it looks great.

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

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Chinese tattoos are big on a world wide level, body art is huge.

Check out this ink below from a crazy Chinese tattoos competition.

Chinese Tattoos

Please note all pictures are for a promotional use only,

we only are a guide to show people ideas for tattoos if their are

any problems with pictures on this site please contact the webmaster.

Last Updated - 21st August 2010



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